Do you know FSSC? This is a cultural exchange group of foreign students and volunteers of The University of Tokyo. About one hundred graduate students and 70 volunteers are registered. Next program is planned on July 17(Sat.) to visit Japanese fork houses at Odakyu Mukogaoka Yuen as follows.

Invitation to the Japan Open Air Folk House Museum in Kawasaki City

This Museum shows over 20 Japanese traditional folk houses relocated from all over the

country.  All of these were restored by traditional carpenters using the traditional materials

and tools. You will have full realization of the life of Japanese country folk in old days.

The Museum grounds are situated in the very beautiful hillside, and we can enjoy the hiking

in the forest.

After Museum, we will drop in a coffee shop nearby the railway station and enjoy a small 


The applications of the first 10 students and 10 volunteers will be accepted. Please send a 

mail to 【hiro@konamike.net】 by the end of June.

Hirohide Konami

Tokyo Ichokai, FSSC Director

Date and time: July 17 (Sat.) 1:30pm at South Exit of Mukogaoka-Yuen Station, Odakyu 

railway line. About 30 minutes from Sinjuku Station.

Schedule: Museum walk for 2 hours and half, and small socials until 5:30 pm.

Participation fee: Students 1,000 yen, Volunteers 2,000 yen

Weather: We will go, if it is not the storm.

Contact: 090-4829-8744 (Mobile phone of H. Konami)

As you can enter most of these old houses, I strongly recommend you to use easy put on/off shoes.