Tickets must be shown on arrival at each event. For further information please contact the Registration or Information Desk on the first floor.


1. Welcome Party (Free)

July 24 (Sat) 12:00-14:00, Convention Hall (2F)

All registered participants are welcome.

Participants will be entertained by Japanese traditional dances.

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2. Banquet (5,000)

July 26 (Mon) 19:30-21:00, Shell Room (Hotel New Otani Makuhari)

Participants who have pre-booked will receive tickets at the Registration Desk.

Additional tickets may be available for purchase at the Registration Desk until the evening of July 26.

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3. Social Tours

(Minimum of 15 participants required)

The following tours have been arranged for participants attending the Conference and their guests.

Each tour will be conducted by an English speaking tour guide.

For further information please contact the Registration or Information Desk on the first floor.

Tour A (A night Tour to Tokyo Disneyland): July 24 (Sat) 18:00-

[Tour Fee: 4,500]

The tour includes one way bus transfer from Makuhari Messe to Tokyo Disneyland, and "Starlight Passport" Ticket.

For return to Makuhari, frequent train service is available (25 min ride).

The return tickets are not included in the tour cost (Fare: \290 from Maihama to Kaihin Makuhari)

Tour B (Historical Chiba Tour): July 25 (Sun) 13:00-18:00

[Tour Fee: 3,000]

Visitors will enjoy the National Museum of Japanese History and the ancient Naritasan Shinshoji Temple.

The National Museum of Japanese History is the largest Japanese historical museum that has about 106,000 exhibits.

Ingratiation Shiniest Temple is located along a colorful street with shops and inns.

The main sanctuary is rather new, but other five buildings including a three-story pagoda are important Cultural Properties.

Tour C (Boso-no-Mura Museum): July 25 (Sun) 13:30-18:00

[Tour Fee: 3,000]

Boso-no-mura (Boso village) is an open-air museum with replicated ancient houses and lords' mansions.

Visitors will enjoy a trip back into the ancient Edo Period.

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4. Technical Tours (Free)

July 26 (Mon) 13:30-16:00

Three technical visits are included in the delegate registration fee.

Each tour will be conducted by an English speaking guide.

As to each tour, participants are required to book at the Information Desk on the first floor till 12:00 of July 25.

Tour D

A visit by bus to the "SHARP High Technology Hall" and a Japanese garden called "Mihamaen" where you can enjoy the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

[40 persons only]

Tour E

A cruise of Tokyo Bay to observe the development of waterfront and water pollution.

[80 persons only]

Tour F

A visit to a facility of cancer therapy by heavy ion accelerators at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences and to the Center for Environmental Remote Sensing at the Chiba University.

[20 persons only]

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5. Post Conference Tour to Kyoto

July 28 (Wed)-30 (Fri)

Tour Fee: 66,000 [2 lunches and 2 breakfasts included]

(Double Occupancy, Extra charge for single occupancy: 14,000)

Kyoto was the capital of Japan and the center of its civilization for more than 10 centuries (from 794 to 1868), and was a birthplace of traditional arts and crafts which have won the admiration of the world.

*Nijo Castle

Built in 1603 by Tokugawa Shogun with solemn appearance and gorgeous interiors.

*Golden Pavilion

A beautiful gilded structure with an exquisite garden and a quiet pond.

*Kiyomizu Temple

Enjoy a sweeping view of the entire city from its lofty terrace.

*Kyoto Handicraft Center

Enjoy the demonstration of Japanese arts and crafts, and also shopping.

Upon embarkation to your home country, you can travel via the Kansai International Airport.

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