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Honorary President

H. I. H. Princess Takamado


Michiko Ishii
( former Minister of State, Director General of Environment Agency)


M . Iwakuma PE
M . Kazuno PhD
Y . Magoshi PhD
S . Okuda PhD
M . Oshima PhD
M . Tanaka PhD
A . Tsugawa PhD


M . Akishima
S . Hamanaka MD
T . Iwakuma DSc
M . Ishida PhD
M . Ishikawa DE
Y . Konami PhD
Y . Nakamura
Y . Nishijima PhD
M . Niwa PhD
H . Ogura
I . Ohno DE
M . Ooi PhD
M . Sasaki PhD
S . Sasaki DE
A . Shimada PhD
M . Suzuki PhD
H . Uchida PhD
T . Yamanaka PhD


Dr. Dormer Ellis (North America)
Dr. Angelinc Perez-Lopez (Latin America)
Prof. Mahin Rahmani (Middle East)
Dr. Mitsuko Kazuno (Far East)
Ms. Ila Ghose (India Sub-Continent)
Ms. Joanne Maduka (Africa, English speaking)
Dr. Yvonne IssiŽ Gueye (Africa, French speaking)
Ms. Martyntje de Kryger (Western Europe)
Dr. Zsuzsa Szentgyšrgyi (Eastern Europe)
Ms. Petra Godwin (UK, Australia, New Zealand)


Japan Women's Pharmacist Association
The Women Consulting Engineers Society of Japan
Ministry of Education, Science, Sports & Culture
Ministry of Health & Welfare
Ministry of Labor
Science & Technology Agency
Environmental Agency
Chiba Prefecture
Chiba City
Chiba Convention Bureau
Earth Science & Technology Organization
Meteorological Society of Japan
The Ecological Society of Japan
The Japan Science Society
The Japanese Society of Animal Reproduction
Other 36 Japanese Academic Societies

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